Seller Terms and Condition

Seller Terms and Condition

Welcome to DealtAZ!!

DEALTAZ (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates (hereinafter referred to as “Service”).

You will need to provide a valid credit card, bank account, phone number, and GST information. You will also need to go through an online step-by-step process. You might also be required to provide additional documentation such as scanned copies of a national ID, bank account statement, or valid address proof & identity proof. Post approval from DealtAZ admin team you will be registered for selling in

Fees and Charges charges are divided in 3 flat categories only


Flat Plan

Flat charges including TDS, fees, shipping, 1 return and all other charges.

Please note – Return due to damaged product, unauthorized product or product that is different from what has been shown and explained will not be returned from user. And payment will not be made for that product, our support team will get back to you. If you still want that product to be returned to you. DeltaAZ will return back the product to you but the entire fee percentage will be charged to you as penalty.

3 such cases will lead to suspension of you seller account and you have to reactivate the account again.

For example – You have sold an electric hot bag and whatever you have shown as in description but you have sent and different item to customer and customer made a complaint on this, our support team will discuss with customer and take relevant photo or video which will be shared to seller. On the basis of customer complaint, we will refund the full amount to customer. Our support team will also take confirmation from you if you want the item back or want the customer to dispose the same.

If you want product back, DealtAZ will return the product to your return address.

There will be fess for such case. The fees is 30% of the product amount. If you don’t pay it by your next order, the amount will be deducted in your next payment.

All the payments will be done after the return period is over or by 10 day. 

Standard Rate
Percentage of fees.
Flat Rate
Percentage of fees.
Any Products other than Gems and Jewelry
10% to 25%
Flat 25% for any item price is below Rs 1000 includes all (TDS, fees, shipping, 1 return, and all other charges)
Flat 20% for any item price is between  Rs 1000 to 1999 includes all (TDS, fees, shipping, 1 return, and all other charges)
Flat 10% for any item price is above Rs 1999 includes all (TDS, fees, shipping, 1 return, and all other charges)
Gemstone and Jewelry (Except gold and Diamond)
Flat 25%
Flat 25% includes all (TDS, fees, shipping, 1 return, and all other charges)
Packaging Policy for seller

Packaging guidelines and importance of a good packaging 

Once you know, you have received an order, the next step is to pack your product. Good packaging is important and Packaging policy to be followed while packing the product for delivery. 

Importance of good packaging 

Remember good packing is very importance to achieve customer satisfaction. About 60% customers expect their online orders to arrive in premium packaging. 

You can expect a 25% increase in business by investing in premium packaging methods. Besides, good packaging helps protect your product from heat, rain and transit-related damages. /

Packaging Policy, Mandatory 

  1. All the package (Small or Big) must be done with DealtAZ courier bag and Tapes. As shown below. 
  1. If it is very big Package, you can use any cartoon box but  DealtAZ tape must be used to pack it. 
  1. If you are selling sensitive item made up of glass or plastics, toys etc. which is breakable, it must be wrapped with bubble plastic first. 

Packaging Steps. 

For flawless packaging, given below are some guidelines you must follow: 

  1. Aridged box or a carton is primarily used to hold the product and to stack it during transport. 
  2. A DealtAZ logo tape is a sign of reliability and trust so it must be used 
  3. Using a standardbubble wrap will protect the content. 
  4. Paper fillers provide further protection to the product. 

You need to ensure that you are only using DealtAZ packaging material Like Courier Bags and Tape. Sellers will be provided with 10 courier bags and 1 tape as welcome kit, after that seller are advised to order packaging material from DealtAZ website or App using their e-mail ID registered on DealtAZ. 

If the sellers do not follow packaging rules, the product may suffer damages. In that case, the product may get returned and you lose valuable time, effort and money that has gone into dispatching the product. 

If the packaging rule is not followed which is a breach of the rules and that may lead to termination of your account. 

Must Follow: 

  1.  Use strong packaging tapes instead of threads or tie up with strings. Do not use Masking tape of weak tape. 
  2. Damaged boxes are a sign of bad packaging.You must use strong and good Cartons which is not torn from edge. 
  3. Always leave some space in the box else it may cause damage to your product during transit. 
  4. 4.      Don’t use filler like newspapers orwaste plastic,paper etc. Always use standard packaging material like a 10mm bubble sheet to wrap the product, tapes and labels to prevent tampering and fraudulent.